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Diesel Fuel Additives | Algae in Diesel Fuel

Diesel First Start Additive


Suitable for use in all diesel engines, all grades of diesel fuel and all diesel storage tanks.

Approved additive by DAF, MAN, Deutz, NATO, Shell, The Swiss Army and many more

Are you having starting problems and can't fathom why?

Give your engine a kick start and spring clean in one handy bottle!

  • Enhances cold starting
  • Enhances warm up capabilities after prolonged storage
  • Reduces smoke & emissions

A 1 Litre bottle of OneShot Diesel First Start treats up to 500 litres of fuel.

Why worry about starting first time?

All Diesel composition changed in 2011. The reduced sulphur (a natural biocide) and increased Bio-diesel (7%) has led to a series of potential issues for diesel users to occur in standing / stored diesel in the UK.

After storing your boat, vehicles, plant or agricultural equipment through winter, there is now an increased chance of the fuel degrading, waxing and of increased water content, leading to potential contamination during this period.  

Can't get your emergency Generator to work when you want it to?

Then use this to get it going and clean the system through 

OneShot Diesel First Start was developed, for boats primarily,but is suitable for all diesel engines to enhance winter stored diesel fuel to ensure your engine starts quickly and effectively. It does this by providing a rapid clean of the internal parts, fuel lines and filters, thus improving burn efficiency & cycle plus, will reduce black smoke / particulates and ensure that any contamination problems are identified quickly.  Also containing a massive cetane boost to kick start your engine back into life it is, of course, good for any diesel engine or system


OneShot Diesel First Start can be added to the fuel tank or directly to the filters (where accessible) and then the remainder added to the fuel tank for maximum performance and protection after winter or long term storage.

  • Cleans Fuel System & Lowers Emissions
  • Suitable for all diesel engines and grades of diesel fuel

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