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Diesel Storage Pro Additive


Suitable for use in all diesel engines, all grades of diesel fuel and all diesel storage tanks.

Approved additive by DAF, MAN, Deutz, NATO, Shell, The Swiss Army and many more

Diesel storage tanks - Use OneShot Diesel storage pro

  • Inhibits deposit and varnish build-up
  • Disperses sludge / deposits
  • Improves long term storage stability
  • Inhibits microbiological growth
  • Extends the shelf life of your diesel to up to 2 years
  • Suitable for All diesel engines and All grades of diesel and can be used in all diesel storage tanks and equipment.
A 1 Litre bottle OneShot Diesel Storage Pro treats up to 4000 litres of diesel fuel

Why worry about storing diesel in your tank?

All Diesel composition changed in 2011. The reduced sulphur (natural biocide) and increased Bio-diesel (7%) has led to a series of potential issues for diesel boat owners to occur in standing / stored diesel in the UK.

Diesel SampleWhen storing your boat, tractor, plant or other machinery away for periods of time, fuel in the tank can develop small deposits,
 sludge can accumulate in the bottom of the tank and varnish may form on the walls. This is particularly a problem when fuel is stored for a prolonged period of time and / or is exposed to variations in temperatures.  


Will your emergency back up generator start at the critical moment that you need it to?

The result of this are you having starting problems after storage and not running smoothly or potentially developing "Diesel Bug".

One Shot Diesel Storage Pro contains powerful antioxidants that inhibit the growth of fuel degradation elements associated with ageing.  It does this by reducing the potential for sludge to build up in fuel or bulk tanks, that result in varnishing or contamination that could be carried over into fuel pipes and engines, eventually resulting in blocked filters.

This product also contains a fuel biocide that prevents microbial growth which can lead to operational problems and accelerated system corrosion.

Suitable for all diesel engines and grades of diesel fuel.



I have a Cruiser on the Norfolk Broads powered by a Perkins 4108 Diesel. With all the current concerns over Bio-Diesel and the effects it's having on older engines, plus the storage of fuel over winter months, I decided to use fuel additives for the first time to help prevent "Diesel Bug".  I added two OneShot treatments to my fuel, OneShot Diesel Storage Pro and OneShot Diesel ECO Plus.  I'm delighted with the results. The engine started second turn of the key after 4 months laying idle. Previously it would have taken 4 or 5 long attempts.  I shall continue to use these products and recommend them to other boat owners. The advice and service I received from Sirius Marine was first class - Thank you.

Ray Ward - Ellingham, UK


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