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Skipper's Choice All Surface Cleaner


What makes Skippers Choice so special ?

  • Open the tub; the cleaner presents as a wax-like solid .
  • This is mixed with water to form various strengths of solution for all maritime cleaning uses. 
  • Cleaning glass, for example, can be done easily with a very light solution, while cleaning wood is best done with a strong solution in hot water.

It is this adaptability which is one of the Skippers Choice's main strengths. But there are more...Skippers Choice does not leave any harmful residue.

Where can it be used?

On virtually any surface to which you can apply water

  • stem to stern, topsides, hulls, galleys, cabins and bilges.
  • fenders and R.I.Bs, flotation suits and breathables, deckheads, bulkheads, cabin upholstery & carpets

Skippers Choice is completely at home in your galley and is food safe as well.

Where else can you get results like this for minimal effort?

An easier question might be "Where can you NOT use it?"

This enzyme-based and non-toxic cleaner can be used practically anywhere. There truly are far too many places this product can be used to be listed here! Since the product is non-harmful, it is very difficult to make a mistake with it. To make doubly sure, you can always apply a little solution to an area first to test your mixing strength.

For more information & actual application guidelines, see the Skippers Choice Marine applications.

There are no fumes to endanger health; it is soft to the skin, non-caustic, abrasive free and most importantly it is an enzyme based natural emulsifier. In English, enzymes are proteins which act as catalysts for chemical reaction and emulsifiers suspend grease in an emulsion which is water soluble.

Naturally it is also totally bio-degradable and harmless to the environment. After use, you can rest assured that disposal in any environment (including natural water sources) is totally safe.

The basic building block in Skippers Choice is an enzyme of plant origin; it does not contain acids, bleaches, solvents, corrosives or abrasives.