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Diesel Engine Maintenance

One-Shot Diesel Fuel Additives

Suitable for ALL diesel engines

Diesel Fuel Additives can;

  • boost cetane number - smoother power delivery, better combustion and less smoke
  • enhance lubricity - compensates for sulphur reduction in fuels
  • preseve a fuel - increase longevity, improve oxidisation, stabiltiy for fame content
  • prevent water pick up - prevents emulsions and rag layers
  • better low temperature fuel properties - to meet or exceed current fuel specs
  • kill & control bug growth - risk increases as fame content and water pick up does
  • remove deposits - instant power / torque restoration
  • prevent deposit formation - better overall fuel quality
  • extend diesel life - prevents the early degradation of new specification diesel of all grades


Yes! OneShot Diesel Additives do work for ANY diesel engine. But why?

OneShot diesel fuel additives are the best in their class and have been developed to address many known issues resulting from EU driven changes to diesel (white, red / marine and gas oil) composition.

Reduced sulphur and higher biodiesel levels have lead to reduced lubrication of important engine components, and increased water condensation and pick up.

This has a potential four fold effect:

  1.  Power loss and increased particulates/ smoke from incomplete combustion
  2.  Increased probability of contamination by “Diesel Bug” leading to:
    • a) Clogged Filters
    • b) Engine / injector damage
    • c) Fuel degradation requiring full replacement / cleaning and / or polishing
  3.  Increased sludge and tank varnish formation and deposits
  4.  Increased propensity for diesel wax formation in winter

Using OneShot diesel products will address all of the issues above & improve performance whilst offering the best protection for ANY engine!


The fuel situation
From 1st January 2011 the specification for A2 gas oil

(Red Diesel) has changed.

The significant changes are; a reduction in the sulphur content from 1400ppm to 20ppm and the increase in allowable biodiesel from 5% to 7%. Sulphur removal results in reduced lubricity and the natural biocidal action of the fuel. If 'bug' growth is to be avoided then a routine addition of a fuel biocide is recommended.

Red diesel has been compliant for almost 12 months. However, what is sold as Red could in fact be a blend of various fuels from differing sources;

  • Some will be made to the correct specs
  • Some will be fully compliant road diesel [EN950] with red dye added. Good for you as it's a better fuel but, road diesel can contain higher levels of FAME [bio diesel]
  • Some suppliers maintain that all of their fuel is FAME free. If they do, get a written guarantee or demonstration of their supply chain
  • With co-mingling throughout the European distribution network, an assumption that bio-diesel will be present may be the best option.


OneShot Seasonal Maintenance Program diagram

Most tractor manufacturers now advocate the use of a fuel additive[s] when using red diesel as does EP Barrus, suppliers of Shire, Yanmar and John Deere marinised engines. 

Boat owners are now being advised to adopt a similar pratice in relation to bug growth, fuel ageing and performance and should give serious consideration to the routine addition of all relevant addtives.

We are delighted to collabrate with the experts at FAST in order to launch the exciting NEW OneShot range of products into the marine industry to benefit both leisure and commercial users of the waterways.


Maximize the performance of your fuel throughout the year with our OneShot Seasonal Maintenance Program:

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