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, New York - 24 Sep 2020

Boat repairs and sale of

To Terry, Neil and the gang,

Thanks for everything. enjoy the biscuits

(posted by SMS after receiving a lovely thank you card
, Sirius Marine Services ltd - 7 Aug 2018

Our barge launch

Dear Gill and Neil,
Thank you for all your help in launching our Dutch barge, VIOS, at Stourport last weekend. Despite all the difficulties with the transport your help, support and adaptability were much appreciated, especially when we had to run in to a second day. All your staff, colleagues and customers turned what could have been a traumatic experience in to a successful one and we are glad that VIOS is safely in her new home. We look forward to seeing you out on the river in the future. Oh, and thanks for all the coffee!
Stuart and Jenny
, Stroud - 7 Nov 2017

Dutch Barge maintenance

Dear Gill, Neil & the Crew
Many thanks for the help with floating our dutch barge 'Rotterdam' today and for your hospitality over the last 10 weeks. We look forward to seeing you on your travels past Frampton
, 13 Jul 2013

Thanks for saving my boat

Many thanks for the help you gave me in my hour of need. After being launched at the yacht club, and the discovery that I was taking on water, my boat XL arrived at your yard where you immediately slung it to prevent a disaster beforer lifting it the following morning. Also, many thanks to all of the people, including your staff, who rallied around to help with the repairs to the Z drive on my Project 31
, 9 Apr 2013

Malibu III Boat Sale

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both you and your son with helping me and the buyer of my boat to reach an agreeable deal. You have both been incredibly helpful and patient. Your advice has been spot on and I would thoroughly recommend your services to anyone who owns or is thinking of owning a boat in the future!! Once again many thanks ! And please post this on your site with my name as a reference to your brilliant service. Kindest regards and best wishes.
, 24 Oct 2012

OneShot Fuel Additives

I have a Cruiser on the Norfolk Broads powered by a Perkins 4108 Diesel. With all the current concerns over Bio-Diesel and the effects it's having on older engines, plus the storage of fuel over winter months, I decided to use fuel additives for the first time to help prevent "Diesel Bug". I added two OneShot treatments to my fuel, OneShot Diesel Storage Pro and OneShot Diesel ECO Plus. I'm delighted with the results. The engine started second turn of the key after 4 months laying idle. Previously it wold have taken 4 or 5 long attempts. I shall continue to use these products and recommend them to other boat owners. The advice and service I received from Sirius Marine was first class - Thank you
, Ellingham - 14 Mar 2012

About our OneShot Fuel Additive - Road Diesel Pro

Having suffered engine cut out problems for months, along with changing various parts, I decided to take a careful look at fuel filtering and quality. I used OneShot Road Diesel Pro, but in a rather stronger mix than recommended, i.e 200ml in 200ltrs of fuel. After a complete recovery from the problems, I decided to reduce the dosing levels to those recommended.
I can only feel that this was the result of OneShot reducing the particle size, preventing large particles creating an open pressure control valve and therefore it cutting out by the sensors and then computer. I now intend to use OneShot Road Diesel Pro in every tank fill as it has worked out to be very cost effective and there has been no return of the cutting out problems associated with my common rail engine. Thanks for sorting this problem!
, 24 Feb 2012

Dear Gill

Thanks again for your willingness to help. Whatever the outcome we certainly appreciate the support given. May I wish you, Neil and all of the team all the best at SMS - You deserve success.
, Stourport - 29 Jun 2011

Narrowboat, Progress

Our 50’ Narrowboat, Progress, was built by Sirius in 2005, having spent months with series of drawings hanging on the wall at home, changing as the layout design was refined, it was amazing to see it build up from the base plate, to walk round the shell marking up the position of portholes, hatches and windows.

Progress, was launched on the River Severn at the end of Sirius’s yard at the end of November, we waved to the team who had built our boat as we made off up river to Stourport and never spoke to them again. I feel a little guilty at not getting in touch before now but the fact is that there has been no need, no problems, no niggles just good boating!

One tip I would pass on to anyone planning a narrowboat would be to peg your design out full size with string and tent pegs, that way you can walk round the design full size – our lawn was not big enough so we did it in the local park and provided entertainment to the footballers and dog walkers!
, Solihull - 2 Nov 2010
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