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British Waterways Licence fee increase

  • Neil
  • 20 Jan 2011
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BRITISH Waterways are proposing to increase the standard 12-month pleasure boat licence fee by 5.1 per cent, before VAT. This will come into force, subject to consultation, from April 2011.

As featured on the front page of Dec/Jan's Towpath Talk, the deadline for consultation of your licence fee is due to end on the 31st January.  Fees are expected to rise by 5.1% before Vat, a 2% increase above the current government consumer price index.  Gold licence fees will rise by 2.5%. There is also a survey on the TT website asking if you think it is too much, about right or not enough.


The survey can be found on towpath talks news page, along with the full story from this issues front page and much more....