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Tip of the Week?

  • Neil
  • 21 Feb 2011
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Don't leave it until the week before your first cruise. Naturally, we would be delighted if you chose us to carry out any necessary jobs to get you ready for the coming season that is so nearly upon us......

Some of the vessels currently in our workshops are for quick turn around, I hope, others are nearing completion.  The season is close.  Please do not leave it to the end of April. Come talk to us about scheduling your anti-fouling, repairs or essential jobs to get you ready for the off...

Don't leave any work you need doing until the last minute. Pop in or talk to us as soon as you can so that bits can be specified, ordered, scheduled and your spot in the workshop guaranteed. Two weeks before the first cruise really isn't the time to get jobs done either quickly or cost effectively....

With boats moving around all of the time, being flexible is our key to your success in getting everything ready for the summer


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