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Is It a Bird, or a plane.....?

  • Neil
  • 1 Jun 2011
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What's that noise you hear?......growing louder and louder........, the waters gone a funny colour.....

British Waterways have just launched an independently operated spray dredger at Sirius's yard.   Contracted to clear a 10m wide by 3m deep channel for 500m up and downstream of each lock parting. The intention is to start with their obligations to keep Stourport Marina's entrance clear and then proceed seawards beginning with Lincomb lock.


It is understood that the sediment will then be chased downstream along with allowing the locks to flush the debris through as the dredger moves downstream. Top to bottom fof the navigable Severn is expected to take 15 weeks and will be repeated annually for the next five years at least.


With drought conditions along britains longest river, this activity to increase the navigable channel is welcomed.