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River Severn drought regulations

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  • 1 Jun 2011
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INLAND WATERWAYS: British Waterways (BW) says the River Severn navigation is entering drought regulation and water resources feeding the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal have dropped significantly, writes Harry Arnold.

The predicted river flows and tide cycles will significantly reduce BW’s capacity to pump water for unrestricted lockages at Gloucester and at Sharpness. As a result, demand management measures will be implemented from Monday 23 May until river flows recover.


Sharpness Port lock will close to pleasure craft on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It will only be open to pleasure craft on the daytime tides on Wednesday, Friday and Sundays, but it may be possible for pleasure craft to sail with booked commercial vessels on all tides throughout the week.


Gloucester Lock will be restricted to pleasure craft and lockages will take place at 08.00, 10.00, 12.00, 15.00 and 17.00 daily. The normal cycle for a lockage will be lock open to canal traffic 45mins, lock down, lock open to river traffic 45mins, lock up. Additional lockages may be allowed. Commercial craft are requested to limit the use of Gloucester Lock to the same times.

At Upper Lode Lock, boats travelling to Gloucester are advised to leave Upper Lode before 16.00. BW says further restrictions may be made if flows in the River Severn continue to fall. Should it be necessary to escalate water management measures, BW will implement the best balance of measures. These measures will next be reviewed on the 30 May, or sooner if the River Severn improves.


Contact Gloucester Lock on 01452 310832 for information on restrictions at that lock. For Sharpness Lock bookings and restrictions contact Sharpness Pier Head on 01453 511968 or Sharpness Supervisor on 07710175125. All other enquiries to 01452 318000.


This article taken from the pages of Boating Business