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Sirius Blast Services is born

  • Neil
  • 24 Aug 2011
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Sirius Marine will shortly be operating a soda blaster system for the removal of paints and anti foul coatings within the marine industry and beyond......

Soda blasting is a relatively new process first developed in the States to clean the Statue of Liberty and to ensure that all necessary environmental concerns due to its location were considered. Any use of any abrasive material to clean the surface would have been very harmful to the soft copper plates, let alone the waste in the water surrounding the statue.


Sodablast was invented because it would not only do the job while having a negligible impact on the waterways and harbour, but it was also non-abrasive.


First introduced by Roy Grantham of Soda Blast Sytems UK some four years ago, the marine industry and many other sectors have embraced the process due to its speed, cleanliness and effectiveness without damage to the surface being cleaned.
Just like the surface of the Statue of Liberty, this non abrasive action allows SodaBlasters to be used on surfaces that current popular abrasive media would damage. i.e.: aluminium, stainless steel, brick, stone, glass, fibreglass, wood, some plastics, seals, bearings, splines, radiator cores, transmission cases, and hydraulic cylinders. In some cases, using Soda Blasting dry, shutdown of electric motors and pumps is not necessary.
Sirius blast services limited has been created to meet the demands of the marine market within Hereford & Worcestershire, gloucestershire and out into shropshire.  We are able to book you in at our base in Stourport or come to you to safely and effectively Soda Blast from a self contained mobile unit.
This process can also be used on classic cars and within many other sectors of both industry and the leisure markets.  We can also restore monuments and buildings as we able to safely clean brick [including lime mortar], glass, oak beams it loves, along with window frames.  Easily used in the food sector to sanitize and deoderize ovens and other large machines where food safety is paramount.
Severe smoke damage from fire?  Don't worry.  We are able to easily remove smoke residues from practically anything. your previously fire damaged goods or structures may not need to be a total loss.
For more information please check out Soda Blast  Systems main website or our new Soda Blast webpage.

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