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Fuel has changed!!!!

  • Neil
  • 12 Dec 2011
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Are You ready???


Beat the freeze and keep your fuel flowing this winter and Stabilise the storage of it so it lasts for up to two years......


These additives are but just two of a new range of OneShot Solutions to tackle all of your fuel issues and concerns.....

Diesel changed in January 2011 resulting in higher levels of bio-diesel content that results in a loss of cold start and cold weather operating limits amongst other concerns.


Sirius Marine's OneShot Anti-wax is the perfect antidote to a sharp cold spell that could end up with clogging fuel when you need it to keep you warm and mobile.   Added now, Before the really cold weather hits, this superb additive will prevent waxing and keep your boat or heater going even when the temperature gets to a shivery -18c.  It should be added  when temperatures are forecasted to be below -5c.


Perfect for road diesel too, it will allow your fuel to operate effectively down to -25c


Available in 200ml to 5ltr, pack prices start from as little as £4.40 for a 200 litre treatment.


Did you buy your fuel in the summer or are you worried about long term fuel storage?

Then read on....


Sirius Marine's OneShot Fuel Store Plus should be added now as your boat or equipment is laid up for winter.  This brilliant additive has been especially developed to prolong the life of the new fuel specifications and will increase its shelf life to up to two years.  At the same time it will help to significantly reduce deposit and varnish buildup and will even begin to slowly disperse any existing sludge in your system.  As an added bonus, it also contains a Biocide to prevent microbial bug growth and is proven on diesel.


In fact, perfect for any diesel fuel stored in anything for longer than a month.  Use this and we are certain you will start the first time you need it to.


Available in 200ml to 5ltr, pack prices start from as little as £14.40 for a 800 litre treatment.



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