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Website Fully Launched

  • Neil
  • 13 Jan 2011
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Following our decision to expand and improve the Sirius website, we are delighted to announce that phase 1 is now finished.



Following a cold call email from a prospective web designer, SMS decided to investigate further and invited B-Innovative web design to come and talk to us.  They popped over for a quick meeting to see our set up and get to know us.  They were impressed with our operation and Chris & Robby were here for most of the day trying to understand both our brief and exactly what we do here.


With some reluctance to commit to the expenditure, we appointed them to come up with some drafts that we may commission later.   All this on a Friday.  By Monday evening a draft framework turned up.   I was so impressed I told them to go ahead.   The crux of their brilliance has been in the interpretation of the brief.  The site still looks pretty much like the original draft version, but more importantly is just what we described, yet better! The end result has taken just a few months to perfect and following a drip feeding of pages,  the whole site is now complete.


This includes a summary of information about us, our services and what we can do to help you.  Please browse around the site checking out the new picture galleries and more.  The site includes a management system for me to update and make changes, so please surf back often to see how projects are going and find out whats new.