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New OneShot Marine Diesel Additives launched

  • Neil
  • 29 Mar 2012
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Red Diesel has changed!

Get ready with OneShot Diesel Additives...

In March 2012, Sirius Marine launched a new range of OneShot diesel additives to combat various issues following the changes to red diesel fuel specifications in January 2011.  These changes have effectively removed the natural lubrication and biocidal action of diesel fuels.


The OneShot range of protection and performance additives have been developed to combat these changes.  Better lubrication and bug control / eradication, are just the start of the benefits the range delivers.  Solutions to aid starting, increase fuel economy, reduce emissions and significantly reduce black smoke, particulates.and noxious gases


The range also deals with storage stability, engine power restoration and anti-wax properties. Too many benefits to list here.  Please have a look at our Shop page for more information. Ideally dosed at every tank refuel, following our seasonal maintenance program. We are confident that our products will save money on maintenance and breakdown costss in the long term, as well as to reduce your fuel usage.


Available to buy online or in chandlery's and all good marine stores





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