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Get Your Fuel Ready for Winter

  • Neil
  • 4 Oct 2012
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 With autumn upon us and winter fast approaching, what is the most appropriate thing to do with your fuel?  How good was you diesel this year and will it still be any good next year?


Do you lay up your boat or mothball your plant and agricultural vehicles? When was the last time that your emergency generators' fuel was changed or even checked?


All of these questions and more create confusion in what is the best thing to do with diesel when storing for longer periods of time...

  Remember, All diesel specifications changed in January 2011.  Sulphur was reduced to almost nothing and the amount of bio-diesel content, known as FAME ( fatty acid methyl esters ), is also steadily increasing.  The amount of FAME allowed, usually obtained from vegetable oils, is currently 5% in Red diesel and 7% in white DERV and this will increase again from April 2013.  This results in a greater chance of water pick up, an increased risk of Diesel Bug and the likelihood that stored diesel will degrade much quicker than before the changes, along with increased risks of acid corrosion to tanks, seals and pipework.


  Filling your tanks up will reduce the amount of condensation on tank walls, but not stop it completely, as all diesel tanks have a breather and the neck filler itself will still create some condensation.  All this water is good for bugs too.  Once the warmer weather hits come the spring, this could result in a blooming of microbial contamination.  The biggest concern though is fuel rapidly oxidising and degrading beyond use. Through the winter, should it get really cold for long periods with temperatures below -5c, then the fuel could also 'Wax up' creating cold flow problems and plugging of fuel lines and filters etc.


  To remedy these problems try adding OneShot Diesel Storage Pro.  This NEW additive contains powerful antioxidants that will stabilise your diesel, ensuring it is good to go for up to two years.  At the same time it contains a biocide, so will prevent diesel bug occuring in that fuel during downtime, along with inhibiting solids and gums from forming. Ignition quality is also maintained to ensure proper combustion when you come to turn the key months later. Proven on 100% Bio-Diesel and will also inhibit acid corrosion.   


Are you going to be using your boat or vehicle in very cold spells with little or no notice?  Running a diesel heater or drip fed stove? 


  Then Add OneShot Diesel Anti-Wax to give excellent cold flow protection to your diesel right through the winter. If added before a cold snap below -5c, our NEW additive inhibits the formation of wax crystals thereby ensuring that you will Keep warm and / or keep moving - No worries.  



 Watever the time of year, whatever the weather, follow our fuel maintenance program to make sure that you get the best use out of your boat and any diesel engine when you need it.  Specific products for specific times of the year, coupled with the occasional fuel clean or water removal, will guarantee increasing economy, reducing emissions and bug free fuel tanks, affording both Protection and Performance all year round.



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