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Getting ready for a great summer after a bad winter

  • Neil
  • 2 Apr 2014
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Record high rainfall, record high flooding, lots of mess left behind. Yet we are pushing forward and getting ready for what should be a sunshine filled summer!


Following the recent storms over the winter, we are getting on track for an exciting summer 2014. We were affected badly by the flooding as most of the yard was submerged. This left behind a lot of silt and debris that made for a tough working environment. This has now been cleaned up and we are full steam ahead!



As an innovative and diverse business, we are taking on new projects this year including the repair of wind turbine blades. We are pleased to announce this as part of our expansion!

Wind turbines are growing more and more popular as a source of renewable energy and we think it can only continue to grow.


You might be surprised to know:


  • A modern wind turbine produces electricity 70-85% of the time, but it generates different outputs depending on the wind speed.
  • A modern commercial wind turbine will generate enough to meet the electricity demands of more than 1,000 homes over the course of a year.
  • Are they an eye-sore? Studies show that 80% of the public support wind energy, less than 10% are against it, with the remainder undecided. In fact, the closer people live to a wind farm, the more they tend to support wind energy.
  • Advances in technology mean that mechanical noise from turbines is now virtually undetectable, with the main sound being the aerodynamic swoosh of the blades passing the tower.


We are taking on work just as much as ever, so don't hesitate to get in touch for your boat maintenance and refurbishment needs!


Need anti-fouling? Try our Soda Blasting to get the job done easier.

Need osmosis treatment? We can get to the bottom of it.


Our highly skilled team are ready to work on all projects, from steel to wood to fibreglass. There's not long left before the start of the season now, so give us a call on 01299 871 048.




We are launching our 50ml/100ml sizes for many of the OneShot Diesel Additives. This is an inexpensive way to try out what we know you will discover is the best product range available for all diesel engine/fuel maintenance applications!


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