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Bain Marie - A big new project gets underway

  • Neil
  • 13 Aug 2014
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After five years of abandonment and being left languishing as a part completed project, a much loved landmark in the boat yard is now taking on a new lease of life, and with our help, being transformed into a wonderful live aboard.

Kuoros Ace, a widely known vessel on the River Severn and the Bristol Channel has been sold to an ambitious new owner, who has given her a brand new name to go with her brand new image: Bain Marie.

Bain Marie’s new owner; Aidan Tagg, is an RHS award winning garden designer and is going to use his design flair and experience to transform Bain Marie into a dream home. Having taken on board Aidan’s wishes and design instructions, the SMS team are now working with Aidan to make his dream come true.


The following photographs show Bain Marie at her beginning stage, prior to Aidan taking her over on the 1st August 2014. Over the coming weeks, we will be updating with more pictures to show you how she progresses. Follow the journey all the way to the end, as the transformation from rusty wreck to floating palace takes place.

Rusty Wreck


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Many of these photographs will feature “Bertrund” a 2 metre tall Hippopotamus who has been carefully selected to be Bain Marie's mascot, first crew member and eventually bar man(hippo)! If he looks familiar, that is because he originally featured in the Silent Night bed adverts. Hopefully this finished project will be just as comforting!


Why not come along to the Sirius Marine Services open day on 13th September 2014!




Not only can you tour around our fully operational boat yard, and have a nose at the various projects being worked on in the yard, but check out our latest products & services, have a bite to eat and drink and of course get the chance to meet Bertrund and Aidan.

There will be prizes up for grabs, including a chance to win an exclusive Aidan Tagg designed planter and a package of OneShot diesel treatments. More to follow on this soon.