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Diesel Water Heater 5kw 12v or 24v (BINAR-5S-12-TM-3965)


Diesel Water Heater 5kw 12v or 24v (BINAR-5S-12-TM-3965)

12 Volt 5kw diesel water heater.    
Heating efficiency, 5 kWt  

Fuel consumption,0,62  l/h max 

Weight of packing, max 8kg

The kit comes with

  •  7 Day Digital PU-27 control panel 
  •  Fuel pump with mounting bracket
  • 1 meter of exhaust with silencer
  • 1 fuel dip fuel tube and fuel line
  • 1 power cable with integral fuse box
  • 1 control panel cable
  • 1 fuel pump power cable
  • A silencer air intake
  • 1 exhaust heat lagging
  • A selection of nuts and bolts.