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Diesel Anti-Wax Additive


Suitable for use in all diesel engines, all grades of diesel fuel and all diesel storage tanks.

Approved additive by DAF, MAN, Deutz, NATO, Shell, The Swiss Army and many more

  • Boosts fuel's resistance to 'Waxing' and inhibits wax crystal formation
  • Very low temperature protection down to -20c
  • Reduces water uptake
  • Reduces filter plugging
  • Prevents microbiological grow 

One 200ml bottle of OneShot Diesel Anti-Wax treats up to 200 litres of fuel

Worried about freezing fuel as the temperature plunges?

Protection & Prevention with Diesel Fuel Additives at your last fill up before storage, winter use or long periods of cold

As temperatures fall, diesel and Gasoil (red or white) turns cloudy and starts to form wax crystals. When the cold reaches -5 for prolonged periods of time, then the crystals grow and sink to the bottom of the tank. Eventually, the wax gets drawn through the supply lines and eventually begin to 'plug' the filters.  Of course, this will prevent starting or even cause operational failure.

 Demonstration of how wax forms and settles without cold flow protection.

 Demonstration of how wax crystals are modified to prevent them settling to the bottom and causing fuel blockages.

OneShot Diesel Anti-Wax must be used as a preventative measure if prolonged cold spells are expected, adding it before the cold snap to ensure effective cold flow protection.

Suitable for all diesel engines and grades of diesel fuel.

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