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How to Fix Diesel Fuel Problems

Road Diesel Pro Additive


Diesel Additives Improve Fuel Economy

Suitable for all diesel engines using white diesel/derv (EN590) 

  • Reduced emissionsKeep your tank full
  • Smoother running engine
  • Cleans internal engine parts
  • Enhanced engine life & corrosion protection
  • Increases the life of diesel particulate filters (DPF) minimising the load 

One litre of Road Diesel Pro treats up to 2000 litres of fuel. 

Also available in a handy 50ml bottle; treats up to 100 litres of fuel.


Enhanced power & acceleration with Diesel Fuel Additives

OneShot Road Diesel Pro Additives Improves Fuel Economy

OneShot Road Diesel Pro added regularly to your car, truck or bus fuel tank prior to each fill up. Transforms standard BS EN590 diesel into the best quality diesel available. Many diesel engines automatically adjust their combustion to suit the quality of the fuel being consumed. OneShot Road Diesel Pro provides improvements in fuel consumption, power and emissions across a range of vehicle operating conditions and mitigates problems that can occur when running on low grade diesel and bio-diesel.

What one of our customers says about this product

Having suffered engine cut out problems for months, along with changing various parts, I decided to take a careful look at fuel filtering and quality. I used OneShot Road Diesel Pro..... I now intend to use it in every tank fill as it's very cost effective with no return of the cutting out problem...

Thanks for sorting this problem, John Fellows. November 2012 

Improves performance & economy

OneShot Diesel Additive suitable for all diesel engines using White (EN590) dieselOneShot Road Diesel Pro is Euro IV and above complaint and contains high grade detergents, antioxidants, a cetane booster and improves the lubrication of internal engine parts, so providing a thorough clean and boost to your fuel and engine whilst delivering improvements in performance and economy.


OneShot Diesel Fuel Additives

 Smoke reduction



Suitable for all diesel engines and grades of white diesel fuel.


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