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Red Diesel Treatments | Red Diesel Additive

Plant Diesel Pro Additive


Suitable for all diesel engines using Red Diesel (A2 Gas Oil) including emergency generators.

Approved additive by DAF, MAN, Deutz, NATO, Shell, The Swiss Army and many more

  • Improves fuel economyJCB Diesel additive
  • Enhanced power & starting
  • Reduced emissions
  • Lowers smoke & particulates
  • Reduces sludge & fuel tank contamination

Add to your vehicle fuel or main storage tank prior to refuelling, ensuring maximum fuel economy in service with proven performance and protection.

Available in 3 sizes.  A 1 litre bottle OneShot Plant Diesel Pro treats 3000 litres of all types of diesel fuel.

Why worry about using Red Diesel / Gas Oil in your tank?

Red Diesel / Gas Oil composition changed in 2011, Reduced sulphur (natural biocide) and increased Biodiesel (7%) has led to a series of potential issues, for heavy plant owners & farmers, to occur in standing / stored diesel in the UK. When not using your plant regularly or storing for periods of time, untreated diesel in your fuel or storage tank will degrade, forming deposits. Sludge can also accumlate in the bottom and varnishes may form on the walls. This is particularly a problem when fuel is stored for a prolonged period of time and/or is exposed to variations in temperatures.

Improves emissionsThe results of this are vehicles and equipment having starting problems and not running smoothly or economically and having the potential to develop heavy contamination from increased water ingress.


OneShot Plant Diesel Pro contains powerful antioxidants that inhibit the growth of fuel degradation products and to reduce the potential for sludge building up in fuel tanks. Resulting varnishes and contamination can carry over into fuel pipes, fuel pumps and engines resulting in blocked filters and poor combustion. The additive also contains a cetane booster and lubricating agent which enhances combustion whilst improving pubrication to critical engine parts, leading to improved performance and working life.

Diesel Fuel Additives for Plant Machinery Diesel Additives for storage tanks


Suitable for all diesel engines and grades of diesel fuel.



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