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Fuel Additive Treatment | Fuel Additives for Diesel

Diesel Power Max Additive


Suitable for use in all diesel engines, all grades of diesel fuel and all diesel storage tanks.

Approved additive by DAF, MAN, Deutz, NATO, Shell, The Swiss Army and many more

Treat yourself to a cost effective engine tune up. Maximum power, minimal cost!  

  • Restores optimum torque & power
  • Enhances starting
  • Smoother running
  • Lowers fuel consumption
  • Reduces smoke & emissions
  • Cleans engine's internal parts

OneShot Diesel Power Max should be added to the fuel tank prior to your annual engine service, ensuring that your engine and fuel performs effectively and efficiently when you need it to. 

A 1 Litre bottle of OneShot Diesel Power Max treats up to 500 litres of diesel fuel


Why worry prior to servicing any of your engines ?

OneShot Diesel Power Max was developed to provide a single fuel application to Turbo clean your engine, fuel tank and fuel lines as well as condition your fuel to remove deposits, enhance burn (combustion cycle) and decoke engine parts prior to the annual engine service or when performance deteriorates due to dirty fuel or environmental factors.

OneShot Diesel Power Max contains antioxidants, a cetane booster and improves lubrication of internal engine parts, providing a thorough clean of your fuel in any diesel engine and fuel system.

OneShot Diesel Power Max is your Engine, Fuel & Turbo Clean in a Tin !

Power Boost Effect

Improvement graphEmissions





Attention boat owners

All Diesel composition changed in 2011, Reduced sulphur (a natural biocide) and increased Biodiesel (7%) has led to a series of potential issues for diesel boat owners. When running your engine will need to refuel, as fuel sources cannot always be guaranteed, it is recommended that you check the fuel sources for “Diesel Bug” and other contaminants, especially after winter or prior to last refuel before winter storage.

Suitable for all diesel engines and grades of diesel fuel.

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