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Portway 1 Marine Stove


Multi fuel boat stove - Now discontinued.  Parts still available

The Portway Marine stove has been disconituned.  Other models may be available or see our new range of Apple Pie stoves

Benefits of using the right flue and chimney include:-

  • Quicker ignition 
  • Instant and full controllability of the stove 
  • Longer burn times per filling – reduced fuel costs 
  • Less objectionable smoke – keeping the glass window much cleaner 
  • Greatly reduced risk of condensation, tarring or rusting of the chimney 
  • Conforms to British Standard BS8511:2010. 
  • For optimum safety and performance your Marine stove must always be fitted with an insulated flue and chimney kit. These flue kits are available to be retro fitted to your existing boat stove and will improve their performance.